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Taproom Food Cart Menu

For the Table:

Meat & Cheese Board | $10

A selection of both sweet and spicy dry aged bologna, Aphrocheesiac, hot wax peppers, spicy Chomolungma mustard,
pita wedges, and fresh sliced green peppers.

*Substitute hummus instead of meat for $8.

Taproom Tacos | $6 (1) or $11 (2)

Your choice of beer braised beef or smoky tempeh topped with our Chomolungma braised cabbage, tarragon pickled onions, and creamy Cloverton cheese on a spent grain tortilla. Served with tortilla chips and mild salsa.

Nacho Usual Nachos! |$8

Your choice of beer braised pork or smoky tempeh. Corn tortilla chips smothered in melted cheese and topped with your choice of protein. Sprinkled with mild salsa, fresh diced tomatoes, and sliced green onions.

Add hot wax peppers, or a side of Snowville Créme Fraiche for $1.

*Can be made vegan with our homemade vegan cheese.

Spent Grain Quesadilla | Small $6, Large $10

Your choice of: Brick Kiln Pork, onions, and bell peppers; Chomolungma Beef, tomatoes, and green onions; Smoky
Tempeh, wax peppers, and pickled beets. Topped with Country Jack and Cloverton cheeses melted on a spent grain tortilla.
Served with a side of Casa Nueva mild salsa.

Add a side ofSnowville Créme Fraiche $1

*Can be made vegetarian without pork or beef.

Seasonal Hummus Platter | $8

Our lemon artichoke hummus, served with pickled veggies, hot wax peppers, bell peppers, pita wedges, and corn tortilla chips.


Grill Top Sandwiches:

All sandwiches served with a side of Ohio made kettle chips. Substitute pickled veggies for $2

Smoky Tempeh Sandwich | $9

Our delicious tempeh topped with Chomolungma braised cabbage, gruyere and Cloverton cheeses, & served on Jackie O’s rye bread.

Pesto Grilled Cheese | $8

Our yummy sourdough bread with basil pesto, Cloverton and country jack cheese covering your choice of veggie and melted to perfection. Choose from: hot wax peppers; pickled beets; or fresh tomatoes.

Roast Beef Sandwich | $10

Beer braised roast beef topped with horseradish sauce, sautéed green peppers and onions, and Cloverton and gruyere cheeses toasted on top of our delicious rye bread.

Tangy BBQ Sandwich | $9

Your choice of beer braised beef or smoky tempeh, doused in our house made Chomolungma BBQ
sauce. Topped with pickled zucchini, Cloverton and country jack cheese, and then grilled to perfection on fresh sourdough bread.


Kid’s Menu:

PB&J Roll Up | $4

Organic peanut butter and organic strawberry jam rolled up on a spent grain tortilla. Served with a side of kettle chips.

Kidsadilla | $4

Country jack cheese on a spent grain tortilla grilled to crispy perfection. Accompanied by tortilla chips and mild salsa.

Grilled Cheese | $4

Country jack cheese melted between toasty Jackie O’s sourdough bread. Comes with a side of kettle chips.



 Athens’ Own Spicy Cashews | $1

Cashews spiced with crushed red pepper, salt, peanut oil and olive oil.

Kettle Potato Chips | $1

Shagbark Tortilla Chips | $1

Casa Nueva Hot Wax Peppers | $1

Jackie O’s Taproom Hummus | $2

Casa Nueva Mild Salsa | $2
Snowville Creamery Créme Fraiche | $2
Laurel Valley Creamery Cheese Sauce | $2
Jackie O’s Bake Shop Pita | $2
Pork N’ Pickles Pickled Vegetables | $3
Pickled local vegetables. Selection of vegetables based on seasonal availability.