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JACKIE O'S X OHIO: RICKY! Coming this July!

Commitment to Ohio

Jackie O’s goal is to make a positive impact within the Athens community & the Ohio beer community through outreach & support.

We strive to partner with local family-owned businesses with a focus on sustainability. We’re in this to make great beer with our friends, for our friends, and share it with the world for years to come. Athens is a place where individually owned businesses have been working together in order to grow and better the community as a whole, for decades. We strongly believe in building long-lasting partnerships, friendships, and communities.

Community Partners

Apply for a donation

Through participating and supporting community events, we are able to not only to foster our relationships with the community but also get to spend time with Jackie O’s fans! We are always looking for new outreach opportunities. Therefore, we welcome your ideas, feedback, and applications!

Please know that while we would love to say “yes!” to all requests, sometimes we must respectfully decline. Listed below are guidelines for all sponsorships and donations, in order to help the process flow as efficiently as possible for everyone involved. Please take some time to read through the guidelines before proceeding to the application!