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Bottle Release 8/28-29! Bottles and Details

Its time to through another party and bottle release!  On Friday August 28th we will fill up our draft lines, pass out calendar pages and drink a bunch of different beers with y’all!  The following day (August 29th) we will open our doors at 9am and kick off the bottle sale at 11am.  Here is the run down of the bottles we will be releasing…

Rouge Pierre:  Barrel aged sour red with nectarines and peaches, 22oz bottle $20

Raspberry Berliner Weisse: Our beloved berliner conditioned on raspberries, 22oz bottle $15

Cherry Man: Porter aged in Cabernet barrels with Brett and tart/sweet cherries, 22oz bottle $20

Bourbon Barrel aged Skipping Stone:  Belgian Quad aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months, 22 oz bottle $20

Bourbon Barrel aged Naja: India spiced imperial stout (cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, star anise, cardamon, and jaggery) aged in bourbon barrels for 9 months, 22oz $20

We did bottle up Lucile (American Wild with cherries) for this release.  Some of you may remember this beer from the 2012 STAFF program.  We had one barrel and added over 50lbs of cherries to that barrel.  After transferring the barrel, filling a few sixties, and then bottling, we only yielded 13 sellable cases.  I made the decision to not release it due to the low bottle count.  In the world of low bottle count/brewpub only releases, I felt that it would be irresponsible to release this beer knowing that half of the attendees would not be able to purchase a bottle.  I wanted to make that clear before it made its way through the forums and mutated into something far from the truth.

The draft list will be extensive as always and will be released in a couple weeks.  There will be plenty of bottles at the tap room: Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln, Bourbon Barrel Wood Ya Honey, Bourbon Barrel Oil of Aphrodite, and a special one if we can pull of labels in a timely manner!

Our large kitchen is still down but we will bust our butts to take care of all you to the best of our ability.  If you are unfamiliar with our releases, below is a more detailed run down of how things will flow August 28-29th.

On Friday August 28th, the brewpub side will open at 11:30am for food and brews.  We will have all 18 drafts flowing on the brewpub side with lots of tasty options!  At 4pm, I will be opening the public house side with Calendar pages in hand.  The Calendar pages are key for the bottle sale the next day, the first person in line will receive January 1st, and so on.  Your date is your spot in line.  After the initial line is through the door on Friday afternoon, I will put the calendar behind the bar so people can retrieve a calendar page/date throughout the night till close.  You only need 1 calendar page, that is it.  Once you have made your way into the public house, 20 additional different drafts will great you.

Saturday August 29th, we open at 9am.  Art (owner) will seat everyone on either the public house or brewpub side.  This does take a little bit of time, but it is the most efficient way that we can do it, so please be patient.  Once you have been seated, taster sheets will be provided and your server will promptly take your order and get you what ever you need.  At 11am, I will initiate the bottle sale.  I take a little time to explain the beers, bottle counts, and pricing.  Then I simply go through the calendar starting at Jan. 1st.  Depending on turnout/bottle allocations there may be a second sale after the first has finished.  I will simply go back through the calendar if a second sale occurs, so hold onto your number.

Looking forward to another great weekend, Brad.