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JACKIE O'S X OHIO: RICKY! Coming this July!

An Important Initiative


We thrive and survive alongside each other; society seems to have forgotten this. We have but one planet, and humanity’s choices, actions, and inactions have brought us all to the brink of environmental destruction. Despite my learning about global warming in the 5th grade–that’s back in 1987 fyi–I’ve watched our world continue along a dangerous trajectory. I believe without strong leaders and role models, people, companies, and governments will not change course. At Jackie O’s, we have always aimed to be stewards of sustainability, echoing the examples of those who have led the charge, and, of course, leading our own within the industry, state, and region. As we’ve grown, so too have our ambitions; however, growth isn’t always easy or perfectly straightforward. And, after 16 years, I can safely say the most daunting tasks still lie ahead.   

We try to live by the phrase, “Sustainably Crafted with Purpose.” In an effort towards better transparency, we envision using our platforms as a showcase of our past, present, and future initiatives. We will be sharing both our successes and failures as we work towards carbon neutrality by 2030–a goal 196 nations adopted in 2015 through the passing of the Paris Accord. Jackie O’s will continue to try to set examples of positive stewardship of our finite resources for years to come!

“We thrive and survive alongside each other”

-Art Oestrike, President