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Wood Slabs to Tabletops

Wood Slabs Landcape-2

Wood Slabs: The Journey from Forest to Tabletop at Jackie O’s On Fourth

In Autumn of 2021, a nearly 2 centuries-old red oak fell on the property of Tom Scott, Jackie O’s friend and long term employee. Trees fall in forests all the time, but this time the aftermath led to a creative pursuit of sustainability that exemplifies the Jackie O’s way. At the time, the nuts and bolts of Jackie O’s On Fourth were still being worked out. And with them, the seeds of a new project were planted: to repurpose the ancient fallen red oak as live-edge functional furniture for the Columbus location.

Crafting Sustainably, Living Purposefully

Our mantra, “Sustainably Crafted with Purpose,” resonates throughout our operations. Wood, as a material, embodies this ethos—renewable, recyclable, and a natural carbon sink, it exemplifies sustainable resource use. The fortunate proximity of the fallen oak to our Columbus project site also meant minimal transport emissions, further cementing the project’s green credentials, viability, and commitment to all things local. 

The transformation of the red oak into functional art was a full team effort, rooted deeply in the Appalachian tradition of self sufficiency. O Ryan Gassaway of Woodsong Tree Care began the process, collecting the logs and meticulously cutting them into usable slabs, setting the stage for a metamorphosis. From there, the Jackie O’s Warehouse Crew took the helm, ferrying the raw timber to our Barrel Ridge Farm Workshop, where our talented Carpentry Team undertook the meticulous process of curing, sanding, crafting, and finishing these slabs into their final form.

A Collaborative Symphony

Two years from its inception, this project reached its crescendo. Architect Matt Toddy, alongside our dedicated Carpentry Team, orchestrated the final placement of the wood slabs within the welcoming confines of 171 N. Fourth St., completing not only a physical journey from forest to facility but also a testament to collaboration, skill, and vision.

On May 5th, 2023, the community witnessed the unveiling of these 16 one-of-a-kind tabletops, each telling a story of resilience, renewal, and interconnectedness. To those seated at these tables today, you’re partaking in a legacy; a tangible connection to nature, craftsmanship, and Jackie O’s commitment to sustainability.

A Legacy Cast in Wood

We extend our deepest gratitude to the myriad of talented souls who breathed life into this vision throughout its incredible journey. Sustainability manifests in many diverse forms, but here at Jackie O’s, it’s always crafted with deliberate intention, bound by friendships, and, in this extraordinary case, embodied by the extraordinary life and legacy of a timeless red oak.

We invite you to experience this story firsthand, to feel the texture of history under your fingertips, and to join us in a continued celebration of sustainable living and crafting a greener tomorrow.