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Green Space at On Fourth

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Green Space On Fourth: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Urban Expanse

Plants are not only the lungs of our planet, but they tend to make all of us happier and healthier. In bringing Jackie O’s to Columbus, we’ve tried to infuse a breath of the Athens environment into the heart of Downtown. From the outset, our ambition for On Fourth was twofold: to transport a slice of home to a new setting and to cultivate a venue that bursts with life, offering a lush oasis amid the hustle and bustle of Downtown Columbus.

In collaboration with landscape architect and Athens native, Jeff Keiter, we’ve crafted a unique blend of Athens’ flora from our Barrel Ridge Farm and local Columbus plant species, courtesy of Acorn Farms. Jeff expertly helped take the architectural plans from Matt Toddy and turn them into what is transforming into a tapestry of greenery that truly enhances the warehouse district of Downtown.

Our landscape teems with a rich array of planters, allowing vegetation to flourish both vertically and horizontally, filling every conceivable outdoor space. Steel lattice towers serve as the backbone for our vine family—Trumpet Creeper, English Ivy, Honeysuckle, and Grape Vines—climbing skyward, while their roots play a crucial role in stormwater management, mitigating runoff from the urban sprawl. 

Expanding on Our Green Tapestry

In addition to our climbing vines, we have incorporated a diverse selection of plants at Jackie O’s On Fourth. From the lush, leafy ferns that add a touch of wilderness to our shady areas, to the vibrant, flowering perennials that adorn our outdoor patios, each species has been thoughtfully chosen to create an immersive experience. One that acts as a testament to the power of integrating nature with urban development, offering a haven for both people and wildlife.

The patio at Jackie O’s On Fourth boasts a number of trees new to the neighborhood. 5 London Plane Trees adorn the perimeter of the patio around and along both Fourth and Lazelle Streets. Inside the western edge of the patio lives the ‘culvert section,’ where you will find River Birches planted within the day beds. A number of Southern Magnolias can be found in the heart of the patio between the containers running alongside the ramp to the mezzanine. Last but not least, we have a number of transplanted Buckeye Trees that live beneath the billboard that separates our parking areas. 


As spring heralds the rebirth of nature, we eagerly anticipate the flourishing of our sustainability initiatives and the vibrant life they bring to downtown Columbus. We are thrilled to soon celebrate our first anniversary at Jackie O’s On Fourth, inviting you to join us in our verdant slice of paradise.