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Solar Panels

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Solar Panels: Sustainably Crafting With Renewable Energy

In 2016, the concept of solar energy was widespread, yet its adoption among Ohio breweries was notably sparse. The decision to go solar is complex, influenced by geography, solar array orientation, and regional sunlight availability. Ohio, not known for its abundant sunshine, made adopting solar energy less obvious for local businesses. The average location in the US averages 205 days of sunshine per year, while most of Ohio hovers around 170.  Nonetheless, at Jackie O’s, we’ve always embraced the unconventional.

Our Solar Journey Begins

Embarking on our solar adventure was a deliberate choice for Jackie O’s, culminating from eight years of brainstorming with Third Sun Solar, a company founded in Athens, Ohio. Our dream, initially shared over casual conversations and pints on our Uptown patio, went from a tangible goal to reality as our need for expansion grew. When we ultimately decided to increase production to keep up with rising demand in 2016, we designed the Jackie O’s Production Brewery at 25 Campbell St. with a south-facing pitch to maximize our solar energy capture and minimize our carbon footprint.

By the Numbers: Our Solar Achievement

With 298 solar panels installed, we’ve seen significant environmental and operational benefits since Spring 2016, generating 665.7 MWh, powering 40-50% of our operational needs, which is roughly equivalent to:

    • Household Electricity: Enough energy to power an average U.S. household for about 63 years, based on average consumption
    • Gasoline Equivalent: 19,754 gallons of gasoline
    • Carbon Footprint Reduction: 266 metric tons of CO2 emissions 

Looking Ahead

“Sustainably Crafted With Purpose” isn’t just a slogan, it’s part of the ethos that guides our growth and our brewing process. As Jackie O’s continues to evolve, so have our sustainability efforts, including extending our solar initiative to our new Columbus facility, Jackie O’s On Fourth. 

Stay with us on this journey towards a more sustainable world. Here’s to crafting a better future, one beer at a time! Cheers!