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9th Anniversary Updates!!

The big party is less than a month away!  So far we have bottled Poire (barrel aged sour kolsh with farm pears), Rubus Oro (barrel aged sour golden with golden raspberries), and Rubus Rojo (barrel aged sour red with red raspberries.)  Next week we will package Orange Oak, and finally Chardonnay Opulence (wine barrel aged Opulence with Chardonnay must)  will be packaged before Thanksgiving.

The Draft list is huge.  Clark and I have ruffly 55 drafts that we could tap.  I believe that we will cut a few of  the options out and have about 45 – 50 drafts throughout the two day celebration.  This means that there will be a number of Friday only and Saturday only options.  All five of the bottled beers will be on draft, BB Black Maple, BB Pawpaw wheat, BBBK, BBDA, BB skipping Stone, BB Naja, Nutted BBBK, BB Woodburner, and a few others will round out the barrel aged draft offerings.  Regular Berliner, blueberry, dark cherry, paw paw, and peach berliners will all make it to draft.  Cuvee 8, Evelyn, and maybe another sour will also be on.  We have reworked a number of our regular recipes so be sure to try Really Nelson, OPA, Pilsaaz, Ja Bitte, our new nitro dry stout O’hooley’s, a fall session brew that includes farm pears, local cider, and a touch of ginger and cinnamon,  a not-so-overly-spiced version of Naja, and the hit from last release Oro Negro will also be on!  A list will be posted in a week or so with all the options.  We will also keep some of them a secret so everyone who attends will have a nice surprise.

The Tap room will have some great bottles available during the weekend as well. We will open at noon both Friday 12/5 and saturday 12/6, so you all can come and grab a beer or some bottles.  It looks like both Rum Oil, Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln, and Bourbon Barrel Paw Paw will still be available.  Bourbon Barrel Woodburner (Imperial Smoked Stout) and another surprise bottle will be available for purchase as well.  Also regular Oil, DA, Pawpaw, and Brick Kiln should be stocked too!

There will be an organized bottle share at Bagel Street Deli Friday night from 8 till 11pm.  Bagel Street is located at 27 S. Court Street, just a block away from the brewpub.  They have delicious bagelwiches and the menu is enormous!  Please be courteous and respectful; they have agreed to let us use their space and are staying open a little later for the festivities.

If this is the first blog post you are reading concerning the incoming Anniversary/bottle sale please reference previous posts for more details…

Join Us for Our Ninth Anniversary Extravaganza on December 5/6!

Here is a run down of how this release will work and how they all generally go down!

On Friday 12/5, we will start handing out tickets for the next days bottle sale(12/6).  These tickets come in the form of a “page a day” tear-away calendar.  The first person in line for tickets gets the first ticket, January 1.  Then each person gets the next day/date.  I will be handing these out at 5pm (Friday)  on the Brewpub side uptown at 24 West Union.  After the initial crowd gets their tickets, the calendar pages will move to behind the bar on the Brewpub side and can be received through out the night till 2am.  Each person gets one ticket, that is it.  Friday night we will have 38 different beers on draft between both rooms (brewpub/ Public House).  Enjoy the selection, be safe, and bottle sharing is NOT allowed within the walls of Jackie O’s.  Our tap room,  located at 25 Campbell St will be open at noon.  Bottles of various barrel aged beers and imperials will be for sale at this location, our cans as well.  You can also grab a beer and hang out! The tap room will close between 9 and 10pm that evening.

On Saturday 12/6, the Brewpub and the Public House will open at 9am for beers and breakfast.  The owner, Art, will assist in seating everyone in a controlled manner to ensure that our bartenders, servers, and kitchen staff are not overwhelmed and everyone has a smooth enjoyable experience.  There will be a few Saturday only beers that will be tapped that morning as well.  The bottle sale will start at 11am.  I will quickly describe the beers and go over the process of the release and start going through the calendar.  Bottle allotments will be announced at this point.  We will set them fairly so that everyone gets bottles.  After the first sale, there will be a second sale if there are still bottles available.  Hold on to your calendar page after the first sale because we will use the same method for the second sale.  After the sales are over, you are more than welcome to stay all day/night and enjoy beer and food.  Be prepared for some parking issues. There is a parking garage located at 7 E. Washington Street.  The Taproom at 25 Campbell St. will be open at noon for more bottle/can sales.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Cheers, Brad.