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12th Anniversary Extravaganza

Our Anniversary Party is less than 2 months away!  We are gearing up for the festivities and want to inform you all about what to expect.  First off, discounted hotel rooms are available at the OU Inn for both January 5th and 6th.  Mention the “Jackie O’s rate” or “Jackie O’s anniversary” to receive the special discount.  Bottles sales will happen both Friday and Saturday at the Production Facility located at 25 Campbell St.  A line will form inside the brewery, we will be selling the 7 “new anniversary” bottles through this line and only this line, both days.  Other beers from throughout the year will be available for purchase in the taproom.  The taproom will be pouring beers along with some strategically placed draft stations through the line in the production facility.  This should help the line move much faster and more efficiently than last year.  All 3 locations, Brewpub/Public House/Taproom will open at 11 am each day.  Every tap will be different, that is 64 total, and there will be plenty of beer!  Here are some details about the anniversary beers:

  • Bourbon Barrel Dark Apparition (BBDA) 12.5% abv:  $11.99/12.7 oz bottle  (1 case/person/day)
    • Our signature Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels for a year.
  • Vanilla Coffee BBDA 12.5% abv:  $11.99/12.7 oz bottle  (1 case/person/day)
    • Our signature Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels for a year.  Conditioned on vanilla and coffee beans days before packaging.
  • Apple Brandy Barrel Dark Apparition 12.5% abv:   $11.99/12.7 oz bottle  (6 bottles/person/day)
    • Our signature Russian Imperial Stout aged in apple brandy barrels for over a year.  Big notes of almond biscotti, apple, and milk chocolate.  This is the anniversary barrel treatment for this year!  The best one yet in our opinion.
  • Spirit Beast 2018 ?abv:  $11.99/12.7 oz bottle  (6 bottles/person/day)
    • Our annual blend with Local Cantina and Gallo’s utilizing their single barrel bourbon selection barrels and some of our favorite barrels from the Jackie O’s barrel room.  This years blend is heavy on Barleywine.  English, American, and Belgian.  Some potent imperial stouts will round out the beast!
  • Houndstooth 7%abv:  $17.99/16.9 oz bottle  (6 bottles/person/day)
    • This is pretty much black raspberry Dynamo Hum.  3 ½ year old Dynamo barrels conditioned on a pound per gallon of black raspberries.  A higher concentration of fruit makes for one of the most fruit forward beers we have ever produced.  Its purple!
  • Herringbone 6%abv:  $14.99/12.7 oz bottle  (1 bottle/person/day)
    • This little number was created in the infamous basement cellar/barrel program at our brewpub.  An oak aged sour blond conditioned on fresh local strawberries.  Beautifully tart and rife with seedy strawberry character. Only about 40 cases produced.
  • Provender 5%abv:  $9.99/12.7 oz bottle  (1 bottle/person/day)
    • Another Brewpub bottle, the first primary mixed fermentation done at the uptown location.  Provender was brewed with fresh harvested alfalfa from Laural Valley Farms and fermented in our dedicated sour cellar tanks.  Bright, tart, and rustic with a distinct grassy note.  An exciting beer for our ever evolving mixed fermentation program.

Look for more details, draft lists, and Production facility parking instructions/maps in the coming weeks!

See you all soon!