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Wine barrel aged Sour ale conditioned on grape skins, blackberries, and black raspberries

When we first sent bottles to California, we had to put a single “CACRV” sticker on over 10,000 bottles, as our labels lacked the necessary bottle redemption information. This was a ridiculous task, yet essential in order to bring Jackie O’s to CA. To commemorate the arduous task of prepping our bottles for that maiden voyage, we have crafted a special beer for the Golden State! A blend of Perpetum, our Berliner Weisse inspired mixed culture Sour ale, and a three-year-old wine barrel aged Sour Blond ale. The blend was then conditioned on grape skins, second-use blackberries, and third-use black raspberries. CACRV is bottle conditioned and brimming with berry notes, tannic grape qualities, and a unique watermelon-esque character.


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