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JACKIE O'S X OHIO: RICKY! Coming this July!

Taste The Difference

Established in 2009, our bakers produce all of the bread and desserts featured at our Public House Restaurant, Uptown Brewpub, and Taproom.

The Rise of The Bakeshop

The Bakeshop began in the Public House kitchen with a couple of friends making homemade pizza dough using spent grain from the brewing process. After the expansion of our Public House Restaurant kitchen, the bakers were able to replace all of our bread menu items with our own baked goods.


We're Growing!

We are currently expanding our Bakeshop operations to include a new storefront at 23 East Stimson Avenue. Stay tuned for more details about our grand opening.

Baked With The Best

The best bread is made with the best ingredients, which is why we partnered with the highest-quality flour producers in America to ensure we get the best product. We are happy and grateful to locally source a large portion of the ingredients we use from our friends, local farmers, and producers:

  • Jackie O's Brewery
  • Jackie O's Barrel Ridge Farm
  • Lindley Mills Organic Mill
  • Frankferd Farms Organic Solar-Powered Mill
  • Blaney Family Farm
  • Cowdery Farm
  • Athens' Own
  • Faller Foods
  • Hartzler Dairy
  • Laurel Valley Creamery
  • Cherry Orchards
  • Prima Terra Farm
  • Sassafras Farms
  • Athens Farmers Market
  • Gillogly Orchard
  • Herbal Sage Tea Company
  • Dirty Girl Coffee
  • High Bottom Farm
  • Ridgerunner Coffee
  • Creekside Farm
  • Snowville Creamery
  • Dexter Run Farm
  • Sticky Pete's Maple Syrup
  • Shew’s Orchard Farm
  • Stutzman Farms & Mill
    Minerva Dairy