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Bakeshop Products

The building blocks: Good bread can be very simple, but simply put, the best bread is made with the best ingredients. What follows is a guide to what goes into what we bake.

The Process: Most of our breads are made with the Delayed Fermentation process. This method means that some portion of the dough was mixed beforehand in order to begin the breakdown of starches and sugars with different yeasts and enzymes to make the nutritious portion of the bread more available to your body. Lengthy fermentation times have been known to make wheat breads more digestible to people with sensitivity issues, as opposed to the “Zero Fermentation” process employed by large-scaled bakeries. Many of our breads take up to four days from flour to finish. Most of our breads use no oil or sweeteners and are vegan.

Our Suppliers: Since 1789 King Arthur Flours, a worker-owned cooperative, has been supplying the highest-quality flour to bakers in America. In the Bake Shop we use their Artisan Flour for almost all of our breads. It is fabulous stuff! We also use their Lancelot Flour for our pizza crusts. Please make note that no genetically modified wheat is used in their flour because, as yet, there is no genetically modified wheat grown in the United States!

Frankferd Farms provides us with many of our specialty flours that they grind fresh and bring to us on a weekly basis from Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. They are a solar powered organic mill that produces the different grinds for our Organic Whole Rye and Organic Whole Wheat as well as providing us with numerous of our Gluten-Free ingredients.

We are happy and lucky to locally source a large portion of the ingredients we use from our friends, local farmers and producers: Jackie O’s Farm, Laurel Valley Creamery, Starline Organics, Dexter Run Farm, Gillogly Orchard, Faller Foods, Athens Own, Integration Acres, Shew’s Orchard, Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup, Snowville Creamery, Shagbark Mill, Casa Nueva & Cantina, Brite Farms, Shade River Farm.