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Progress in packaging


In 2012, we made a deliberate decision to use aluminum packaging for our core products. At the time, glass bottles were much more prevalent within the craft beer market; however, we found the environmental advantages of infinitely recyclable cans to be more appealing. With continued diligence we were again able to avoid the hazards of tradition, choosing post-consumer, recyclable plastic six-pack carriers over the typical, less eco-friendly rings. In 2022, our mission to provide the most sustainable packaging format has not wavered: After much research and preparation, we are excited to announce that our canned 6 and 4 pack products will now feature E6PR, Eco Six Pack Rings. 

E6PR (Eco Six Pack Rings) allows us to offer a packaging option that is completely compostable and biodegradable. Constructed with fiber by-product waste from the food and beverage industry, these plant based toppers are 100% plastic free and help to create a virtuous cycle of environmental responsibility. We are incredibly excited about this new packaging system and its potential to further reduce the impact of the products that we produce.

Although an investment like this one isn’t cheap and comes with new adjustments to equipment and aesthetics, we are confident that it’s another move in the right direction. We implore you to help us in this venture by locating your neighborhood composting center, contacting local farms, or even creating your own compost vessel at home–anything to help keep the circularity rolling. While these new rings will biodegrade in a landfill, finding sustainable alternatives is the name of the game! We appreciate your diligence and look forward to hearing about your contribution to the cause.